You are the WAY you are because of the WHY you are. As you get clarity on your true identity you begin to uncover your purpose. 


The pressures of life and the curveballs of unforeseen events leave most men feeling like they live in a fog. Get away for a quiet weekend and find clarity.


Is God real? When you discover the father heart of God, you may find that He is more real and more relevant than you ever thought. 


Men are not meant to live alone. Instead of living as a lone ranger, find a lifestyle of brotherhood with men who could become a true band of brothers.

Every man is on a journey. The problem is with all of the things life throws at us, we find ourselves wondering where we are and where we are headed.

This leads to frustration and boredom as we try to keep our ships afloat. The pressure of life combined with unresolved issues leads us to seek relief in places that leave us stuck.

Some men turn to religion. However, the answer we get from religion is that we just need to gut it out and try harder. We’re encouraged to renew our minds and be accountable, but the inner turmoil still continues. We’re left wondering why it doesn’t work.

Other men just say screw it and live for anything that will provide some sense of being alive. At the same time, we look for other things to numb our pain. In all of this, we keep our heads down and plow ahead.

If you are frustrated with life, bored, or just simply stuck, we want to invite you to a journey to explore a different way.

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“Don’t ask what the world needs, ask what makes your heart come alive because what the world needs is men whose hearts have come alive.”
Howard Thurman
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